OUR Staff

The staff at the Lakecrest Baptist School is dedicated to excellence in academics
and helping train the students of the Lakecrest Baptist School.  They strive
to fulfill the purpose in which the Lakecrest Baptist School was founded. The staff 
are active members of The Lakecrest Baptist Church and serve weekly in
areas of the ministry. Our teachers do not just teach subjects, they exemplify
the successful Christian life.
Pastor Kevin Dail
Pastor of The Lakecrest Baptist Church
Bro. Glen Siemer
Assistant Pastor/Secondary Education 
Mrs. Tina Dail
Pastor’s Wife/Secondary Education
Bro. Dave Dalton
Assistant Pastor/Athletic Director/Secondary Education
Bro. John Peck
Assistant Pastor/Principal
/Secondary Education
Bro. Justin Horton
Secondary Education 
Mrs. Kristi Siemer
Elementary Education
Bro. Matt Simpson
Elementary Education
Mrs. Suzanne Raymaker
Elementary Education 
Miss Denise Maki
Elementary Education
Mrs. Sally Whelch
Elementary and Secondary Choir/Band Director 
Mrs. Amanda Smyczak
Ladies Volleyball Coach
Mrs. Temperance Mayberry
Assistant Volleyball Coach/Music Assistant
Mrs. Jennifer Whitwell
Music Assistant